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#111: How to Sell Products on Amazon and Kill It

Listen to this interview with  Amanda Wittenborn as she shares how to sell products on Amazon and kill it! I used to think that selling products on platforms like Amazon was all about competing with others on price. Amanda has taught me that I was wrong.  She started out selling printables, but she was struggling…

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#105: How to Go From Blogging Failure to Massive Success

This episode explores how to go from a blogging failure to massive success, but before we launch in… Have you been dreaming of starting a WordPress blog but you’re overwhelmed by the tech aspects of it all? I get it.  Getting a blog up and running can be the one thing that hinders you from…

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#104: How to Build a Seven-Figure Business Teaching Something You Already Know

Do you want to learn how to build a seven-figure business teaching something you already know? If so, stay tuned to hear my conversation with Luisa Zhou about how she built her business teaching people how to quit their day jobs.  Luisa shares the failures she experienced when building her business, and how much time…

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#103: Where Are the Opportunities With Changing Algorithms?

Where are the opportunities with changing algorithms? Should you be directing people back to your blog instead of your social media platforms? Can you adapt and adjust in the ever-changing world of online business? That’s what my friend Camille Whiting and I are talking about in today’s episode. Camille has a blog called Friday’s We’re…

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#100: 6 Tips to Get More Traffic To Your Blog (Rebroadcast)

As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, our number one need is traffic. If you want to increase your blog or business income, you need to increase your traffic first. Today, I’ve got my friend, and MiloTree Community Manager, Paula Rollo, back on the show, and we are talking about tips to get more traffic to your…

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#091: How to Increase Your Income with Online Ads

As bloggers, it can be tricky to know how to use ads on your site, what ads you should use, and what types of content will bring you the most ad revenue. So let’s explore how to increase your income with online ads. Ad revenue is beneficial for bloggers because it’s passive income. I am…

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#090: How To Use YouTube to Market your Business Successfully

YouTube has a huge presence online today, and it’s not just for watching videos anymore. YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google. So don’t avoid YouTube. Learn how to use YouTube to market your business successfully!  With 3 billion searches per month, if you aren’t taking advantage of…

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#089: Everything You Need to Know to Write a Book

Are you wondering if you can write a book, how to get it published, or whether to sell it as an ebook? Well, you’re in luck because this post and podcast episode is about everything you need to know to write a book. Today I am interviewing Maggy Woodley, the brains behind Red Ted Art….

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#088: Advanced Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

As a blogger, I’m sure it isn’t news to you that you need an email list. This post is all about taking your email marketing to the next level with these advanced email marketing strategies. It’s true that social media algorithm changes can hurt you and your business, but beyond that, your email list is…

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#085: How to Best Optimize Your Blog’s About Page

Today I have my good friend (and Community Manager at MiloTree), Paula Rollo, back on the podcast to talk about how to best optimize your blog’s About Page. If you are a blogger, you already know how important your About Page is. Your About Page tells the story of your own personal journey, including struggles…