#073: How to Up Your SEO Game to Get Even More Traffic with Camille Whiting

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Camille Whiting from the blog, Friday We’re in Love, about how to use analytics to up your SEO game to get even more traffic.

Even if you don’t like analytics, this post is going to be highly beneficial for you. You’re going to learn strategies for how to make smart choices and know where you should go next.

How to Up Your SEO Game to Get Even More Traffic with Camille Whiting | MiloTree.com

Missing The Boat For SEO and Content Creation

There are two camps when it comes to SEO.

Either a person is all in, learning everything they can, and rushing forward, or they are scared to start thinking about it because they don’t like the technical side of things, or it seems too daunting.

There is a lot of SEO shame where people know they should be doing it, but they don’t feel confident, so they just make more content and sit in an SEO shame bubble.

You need to remember that SEO is a wonderful opportunity to help share your amazing content.

Best General Practices for Improving SEO

Focus on your content moving forward

People do not want to read big, chunky 1,000-word posts.

Our readers are skimmers. You need your content to be easy to read and skim.

Headers in blog posts are very important

You want to use H2’s as much as possible so Google knows what your content is going to be about.

Use Yoast to see if your content is easily readable

Test: I always ask myself, when reading my content could someone in line at Target understand my post by skimming it distractedly?

Make your content the most useful content on the web

Search your topic and see what posts are ranking. Then make your content even better — easier to read, more thorough, more up-to-date.

Also, know that your content is not about you. It is about your reader.

Your reader needs to be able to find the information within one or two clicks. The solutions you offer should be very easy to find.

Keep blog photos to a minimum and know why you’re adding them in

Are your photos serving the audience or are they just to gratify yourself?

Most of your traffic will be mobile, so think about how your photos will look on a small screen while they’re scrolling in line at the grocery store.

How to Up Your SEO Game to Get Even More Traffic with Camille Whiting | MiloTree.com

Importance of keywords

You should have three to five keywords per post, and optimize them throughout your posts.

Look up keywords, and if you feel that you can’t rank for a certain keyword, you can use a synonym that is less used.

When you are writing a post, look up three to five keywords, and focus on using them naturally throughout your post.

Building Off Of Existing Content

Look through your content and see which posts are doing really well.

You can then create more content building off the content that’s already doing well for you using keywords to grow it.

Then keep branching off of those posts and create content that will go along with your highest performing content.

This allows your reader to have every answer they might need on the topic.

Google Analytics

Once you’ve gone in there one time and looked at your analytics, you will see how cool it is, and how easy it is to understand.

A good first step would be to look at your acquisitions and where they are coming from.

You want to know where your traffic is coming from, if people are finding your content through searches, and if your words match searches.

The behavior tab is really helpful. You can see what people are interacting with on your site and be able to understand your content’s impact on your audience better.

Golden Tip For Beginners

You can outsource the tasks that you feel are weaknesses for you.

Camille believes she would have grown faster if she had hired professionals instead of trying to do everything on her own.

Look for the weaknesses that you know you have, and invest in hiring those things out.

Camille’s Most Used Tool

Camille is a huge fan of automation software; things like Tailwind, Instagram app scheduling, and Google Calendar.

SEM Rush is a pricey tool but so worth it. If you want to get serious about your SEO, this is the tool you want to have.

Camille has more info at fridaywe’reinlove.com/analytics, if you’d like to learn more about the other tools that she uses.

You will get a free trial period, to see how it works for you.

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  •  Intro
  •      6:58 Missing The Boat For SEO and Content Creation
  •      9:42 Best General Practices
  •    21:40 Keywords
  •    23:33 Building Off Of Existing Content
  •    26:10 Google Analytics
  •    32:07 Golden Tip For Beginners
  •    33:23 Camille’s Most Used Tool

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  1. SEO is a major way to get your content in front of more people
  2. Your posts should be the most helpful content on your topic on the internet
  3. Choose 3-5 keywords and use them naturally throughout your post
  4. Outsource your weaknesses

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