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#289: Mastering Pinterest in 2023: Secrets from a Pinterest Expert (Rebroadcast)

Hello everyone, I’m Jillian Leslie, your host for the Blogger Genius Podcast. Today, I’m thrilled to share this podcast episode rebroadcast with my friend and Pinterest expert, Kate Ahl.

We discussed the evolving landscape of Pinterest, its impact on bloggers and entrepreneurs, and how to leverage it effectively for growing your traffic.

Mastering Pinterest in 2023: Secrets from a Pinterest Expert (Rebroadcast) | The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

My Journey as a Blogger and Entrepreneur

Before we dive into the details of our discussion, let me share a bit about my journey. My husband and I started Catch My Party in 2009, and later developed the MiloTree pop-up app.

Recently, we launched MiloTree Cart, a platform designed to help bloggers sell digital products. We also have a digital product personality quiz on our website to guide people on where to start with digital products.

Pinterest: A Changing Landscape

In our conversation, Kate and I delved into the recent changes on Pinterest. The platform experienced a surge in users during the pandemic, but as the world started to open up again, there was a decline.

To keep users engaged and attract e-commerce sellers, Pinterest introduced Idea Pins and the Verified Merchant Program. They also recognized that Pinterest is a great platform for informing future purchases.

Pinterest vs. Instagram: A Unique Position

Pinterest has carved out a unique position in the social media ecosystem. Unlike Instagram, which is more like a bar, Pinterest is more like a library.

Pinterest aims to keep users on the platform longer to attract big brands for advertising. However, they also acknowledge that 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

Mastering Pinterest in 2023: Secrets from a Pinterest Expert (Rebroadcast) | The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

The Impact of Removing the Creator Fund

We also discussed the removal of the Creator Fund, where Pinterest would pay creators for content, and its impact on creators today. Kate believes that this move is a net positive for creators in the long term.

She explained that the program had frustrations for some creators, such as limited participation and the distraction of creating content for Pinterest instead of their own websites.

Pinterest’s Shift Towards Ecommerce

Kate sees Pinterest shifting towards ecommerce and partnering with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, indicating a focus on smaller sellers.

This shift towards retail and ecommerce raises questions about how it will affect bloggers, DIY bloggers, and party bloggers. However, Kate suggests that Pinterest is becoming more friendly towards both digital and physical products, allowing self-hosted sellers to upload their products and update listings easily.

Building Your Own Online Presence

Kate and I emphasized the importance of building your own online presence and not relying solely on social media platforms like Instagram. Your main content should be on your own website, with platforms like Pinterest used to bring people into your ecosystem.

The Future of Social Media Platforms

Looking ahead, I shared my thoughts on the future of social media platforms, as they are constantly changing. I advised creators to build their businesses on their own platforms and create products that they can sell and own the customer relationship.


Despite the various changes and struggles Pinterest has gone through, I am optimistic about its future. I see it as a slower-moving platform with potential for business growth. I encourage you to explore the possibilities of creating digital products to take control of your businesses. Remember, patience is key when it comes to seeing significant results from platforms like Pinterest.

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Mastering Pinterest in 2023: Secrets from a Pinterest Expert (Rebroadcast) | The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

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