MiloTree Press from iBlog Magazine

We launched MiloTree, our smart pop-up, in March 2016, and in a few months we got our first article written about us! Take a look at our first MiloTree press below or read it here.

Catch My Party just passed 515k followers on Pinterest, a large majority of those followers are from our MiloTree pop-up.

“With our pinning strategy in place, we needed to find a way to ask our Catch My Party visitors to follow us on Pinterest. Who better to champion you than your own audience?” In a nutshell, that’s why we built the MiloTree pop-up.

MiloTree Press from iBlog Magazine |

MiloTree Press from iBlog Magazine |

I can guarantee if you have traffic to your site or blog, MiloTree will grow your followers or email list. It’s that simple! It can grow your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest followers, and even your email list!

 If you haven’t yet tried MiloTree to grow your email list and social media followers click this button. It’s easy to install with our WordPress plugin or a simple line of code.
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