How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Faster!

I get asked all the time: How do I grow Instagram followers faster?! Well, here are my top 5 tips:

How To Grow Instagram Followers |

Grow your Instagram using the MiloTree Pop-Up

Install the free MiloTree pop-up on your blog! Your MiloTree pop-up connects directly to your Instagram account and asks your blog visitors to follow you on Instagram.

Because it’s personalized with your Instagram account, if people click on the pop-up, there is a high chance they will follow you because they like what they see.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers even faster, sign up for our Awesome Plan ($6/month) and get all the important customization and analytics tools you need to get more people clicking on your pop-up and following you!

Grow your Instagram by giving it a theme

Give your Instagram page a theme, and the narrower the theme the better.

I always say, if you post about chocolate desserts, I want to see beautiful photos of chocolate desserts, not photos of your kids at Disneyland (even though I’m sure you have adorable kids).

Be consistent in the type of photos you post. Also, be consistent in the times of day you post, so people know to expect great content from you.

Grow your Instagram using hashtags 

Instagram give you up to 30 hashtags per post. Please use them. Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram.

Try using a mix of very popular hashtags, hashtags that are specific to your content, and even a personalized hashtag for your business. Experiment to see which of your posts get found and which hashtags you used.

Grow your instagram with beautiful images

Make sure what you post is beautiful and compelling. As Instagram moves to a smartfeed, the quality of your posts will matter even more because they’ll start hiding your low performing posts.

I use an app called A Color Story to brighten up the colors of my photos so they really pop. I also try to make my text relatable because I want people to interact with my posts.

Grow your instagram using your bio strategically 

Be strategic about using your bio link. If you want to drive traffic to a blog post, put the link to the post in your bio link. If you are selling something, put the link in your bio to where people can purchase the item.

If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, put a link to a landing page where they can add their email address. It’s one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on your Instagram page, so use it wisely!

Grow your Instagram through interacting

Interact!! Respond to comments on your page to let people know you’re a real person.

Use the “discover” feature and find new accounts to follow, then comment on their posts. Instagram is definitely a social platform, so the more social you are, the more followers you will attract!


Think about your overall strategy. What are you trying to accomplish with your Instagram page? It could be growing followers so brands want to work with you, extra blog traffic, sales. Keep your eye on that prize because that will push your business forward.

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