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#215: How to Build a New Income Stream Fast and Easy

Want to know how to build a new income stream fast and easy? In this episode I’m interviewing Cristy Harfmann again from Happy Family Blog. Here, she shares how she built her new income stream by launching her first successful paid workshop using MiloTree Easy Payments. Cristy loved hosting her paid workshop so much—teaching bloggers…

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#193: Set Yourself Up For Successful Brand Work

In my newest episode of The Blogger Genius Podcast, I’m talking with Jenny Melrose, an influencer marketing expert. We’re discussing how to set yourself up for successful brand work. This is the second time Jenny’s been on the show, and I’m delighted to have her back! In this episode, we talk about: How the influencer…

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#188: How to Exert Your Power as a Micro Influencer

Have you ever wondered how to exert your power as a micro influencer? Did you know micro influencers can have a big impact, and brands are looking to work with them because of their deep connection to their audience? Today, I’ve got Mia Voss on the podcast, from Mia Voss Live. Mia understands the buying…

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#113: IMPORTANT — How to Find Success During Coronavirus

Show Notes MiloTree MiloTree/BlogStart Personalized Paths Free Coronavirus Email Schedule Template  50% off Email On Autopilot (Use code BLOGGERGENIUS) expires April 1 Catch My Party Today, I’ve got a special episode, where I’m talking about how to find success during coronavirus. Yes, it is possible if you know how to pivot your business. These are scary times, especially…

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#083: New Strategies For Making More Money with Affiliates!

Today I am talking about new strategies for making more money with affiliates with Chelsea Clarke. Chelsea, founder of the website, HerPaperRoute, helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through affiliate sales.  We talk about knowing your audience, talking to your audience, and selling them products that are useful for making their lives better.  If you want…

#049: How To Get Brands to Pay You What You’re Worth with Courtney Whitmore (Rebroadcast)
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#049: How To Get Brands to Pay You What You’re Worth with Courtney Whitmore (Rebroadcast)

Since we’re getting toward the end of the year, today is December 24th, what I thought I’d do for this episode was go back into my archives and I would pull out one of my favorite episodes. In fact, this isn’t just one of my favorite episodes. This episode has been downloaded so many times….

#041: How to WIN at Working with Brands with Jenny Melrose
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#041: How to WIN at Working with Brands with Jenny Melrose

Wait until you hear today’s episode. I’m interviewing Jenny Melrose from The Melrose Family and JennyMelrose.com. Jenny is an expert on how to win working with brands. We get into it all in this interview. Want to know how to reach out to companies you want to work with? What to write in your email?…