Google and Mobile Pop-Ups: What You Need to Know

What’s going on with Google and mobile pop-ups?

Google and Mobile Pop-Ups: What You Need to Know! | MiloTree.com

Google came out with news in late August, that starting in January of 2017, it would begin punishing mobile sites that use big, obtrusive pop-ups and interstitials.

Why is Google doing this? Because big, obtrusive pop-ups and interstitials on mobile annoy users. And Google wants to make sure that the search results it shows makes users happy.

So let’s cut to the chase. What does this mean for your MiloTree pop-up on mobile?

According to Google, smaller banners that use a “reasonable amount of screen space” are okay!


This image above comes from the Google announcement, and is an example of a banner that uses a “reasonable amount of screen space.”

So we’re in the process of redesigning our mobile pop-up to make sure it is Google-friendly. And we will be rolling it out in the next couple of weeks, way before the January 2016 deadline.

We’re in the same boat as you because we use our MiloTree pop-up to grow our social following on Catch My Party. So you better believe we take this stuff seriously.

We will send out an email and post on our blog as soon as our new mobile pop-up is live. So far, I’m loving the new design! Can’t wait to share it.

You can read Google’s announcement here.

If you haven’t yet installed the MiloTree pop-up on your site, click this button to get yours!

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