How to Create The Best Pinterest Boards

If you want to learn how to create the best Pinterest boards, check out this podcast I did with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media.

Create The Best Pinterest Boards Podcast with Jillian Tohber Leslie from Catch My Party | MiloTree.com

I go into detail on why I think it’s important to create general boards and specific boards. I believe you need to get into the minds of the people searching on Pinterest. Do they want something specific or something general? Could people want both? If so, make different boards to cater them.

I also talk about how we organically grow new boards at Catch My Party. We watch and listen to what our visitors are telling us they like, and create boards around those topics.

I also discuss why everyone does not need a quotes board or a style board. My advice is to go narrow but deep, instead of wide but shallow.

I also think seasonal boards are a must on Pinterest and I will pin to them even in the off-season to keep those boards alive. Also about two months before the holiday or season, I will start getting active in those boards by creating new content.

And here are my recommendations if you’re just starting out on Pinterest:

  • Start with just 5-10 boards
  • Make sure your boards are targeting what you’re selling
  • Start watching and listening to what your audience responds to, and build out from there

I believe your audience will tell you exactly what they like!

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