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6 Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Blog

Ready for our 6 ways to use Clubhouse to grow your blog? We’ve got all the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to find success on this new, dynamic platform.

Clubhouse is the most buzzed about app right now because it feels unique, plus it’s a great way to connect with influencers and customers, market your products, and grow your blog.

6 Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Blog | MiloTree.com

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What is Clubhouse?

There is a new shift away from picture-based and video-based content to audio-based content, such as podcasts, which is why an audio-based social media platform feels so different.

Clubhouse is one of the most talked-about audio-based social media apps ,which can be downloaded for free. 

It is being used by people for networking, knowledge-sharing, connecting, and ultimately sales. 

Even celebrities like Elon Musk, Tiffany Haddish, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, and Oprah have been found using the app as either listeners or speakers.

A breakdown of the app and its features:

Clubhouse is a live audio-only app

  • There are no likes, comments, or DMs on the platform. The only way to connect with people is with voice via conversations.

Users can participate in or create chat rooms that can be used to discuss a wide range of topics.

It operates like a live podcast in which even the listeners can “raise their hands” and, if selected, participate with the featured speakers. 

Some compare it to an audio Snapchat in which the conversations disappear once they end. In fact, it’s against the Clubhouse terms of service to record conversations that happen in rooms.

What feels new about the platform is that in a matter of clicks, you get to directly interact with people who have the same interests as you, in business or life,  just as on a regular audio call.

Once you give Clubhouse a try you will realise how actual voices can help forge deeper and more meaningful connections than carefully crafted and typed out words or social media posts. 

Clubhouse is currently invitation-only

  • As of now, Clubhouse is an invite-only app, which means to participate iyou have to be invited by someone who is already on the app.

Clubhouse doles out invitations slowly to its current members, depending upon their activity on the app.

Even if you don’t have an invite, you can still download the app, create your username, and wait for someone to send you an invite.

After getting an invitation, you can make a profile on Clubhouse, complete with a profile picture and a bio.

Your bio is your calling card

Your bio includes your photo and any information you want to share about yourself. There is no character limit to your bio.

You can also connect your Instagram account and/or your Twitter account so people can connect with you off the platform there.

People fill out their bios with their experience, interests, fun-facts, opt-ins, etc.

You can post urls in your bio but they won’t be clickable.

Because the app is in beta, it’s small enough so that you can still have access to featured celebrity speakers. This may not be possible as more and more people join.

Here’s an example of my bio on Clubhouse. Please follow me at @jillianleslie so you can be notified when I’m talking in rooms on entrepreneurship and helping bloggers grow their businesses!

Jillian Leslie Clubhouse Bio Example | MiloTree

Navigating the Clubhouse app

Clubhouse is very easy to use. Here is how it looks on the inside:

Clubhouse Hallway

Just like how other social media platforms have feeds, Clubhouse has a hallway. This is where all the active conversations are displayed when you launch the app.

If you follow any rooms or clubs in particular, their chats will be displayed on the top of your hallway.

Clubhouse Hallway Example | MiloTree.com

Clubhouse Rooms

  • Rooms are where the chats take place. You can read descriptions of different rooms, enter the room, listen to the conversation, raise your hand if you want to speak, or leave quietly.

You will also see the photos of the other people in the room. You can click on their photos and read their bios. This is a big feature of Clubhouse and how people make connections.

You can also create a private room and invite participants to join to discuss whatever it is that you want.

Clubhouse Room Example | MiloTree.com

Listeners, Moderators, and Speakers

  • In a Clubhouse room, there are listeners, moderators, and speakers. Once you enter a room and can hear the conversation, you become a listener. 

The moderators, who are up “on stage,” ensure that the discussion runs smoothly, and can also invite listeners up on stage or choose other regular listeners to become moderators.

A moderator also has the control to switch on and off the listeners’ ability to raise hands, put them on mute, and send the speakers back to the audience.

If you wish to speak and participate, then you can raise your hand and after approval by the moderator, you are brought up “on stage” to speak.

Clubhouse Stages

  • A stage refers to the area in a room where the speakers, moderators, and room owners are. There is also an option to know the people who have interacted with the speaker under the “followed by the speaker” icon.

Clubhouse Clubs

  • Clubs are communities within the app which can be both private and public. A club has a founder, an admin, and followers. You have to apply to start a club and Clubhouse is approving these slowly. In order to start a club, you need to have hosted multiple rooms.

How do I get a Clubhouse invite?

To get a Clubhouse invite, reach out to your friends and contacts on other social media networks such as Twitter, and post a request for anyone on the app to invite you.

If that doesn’t work, then there are Clubhouse users and websites which are selling invites, and you can look them up. However, beware of fraudulent users and accounts.

Clubhouse Invitation Example | MiloTree.com

How does Clubhouse work when I join a room?

After you receive an invite you have full access all the ongoing conversations. Once you click on a room you are able to hear the chat.

You can either sit back and listen to the interaction, check out the other people in the room by reading their bios, or choose to participate by raising your hand.

The speaker can choose to invite you to the conversation once you do that.

Quick tips for new users:

  • Having multiple moderates typically works best. This way a few moderators can focus on the conversation while another moderator can manage the speakers and room logistics.
  • Round table chats typically do better than single speaker lectures. Audience participation will make people stick around.
  • Dive in, participate, and add value as much as you can.
  • The first three lines of your bio are your most important because these show before someone clicks for more. Write your bio carefully as it is searchable.
  • Co-hosting conversations with other people is also a great way to get introduced to bigger audiences.
  • When hosting a room, ask people to follow you so they will be notified when you host another room.
  • Do not forget to “reset the room” frequently where you reintroduce your panel and your topic, so people who arrive late know what you’re talking about.
  • An ideal length for a conversation would be 60-90 minutes.

How to find relevant content on Clubhouse

There is no way currently to search the app for specific room topics. You can search for people and clubs.

As per the algorithm of the Clubhouse app, the content that pops up in your hallway or in your calendar depends on the people you follow and their niche.

If you are looking for content and conversations on specific topics, then search for keywords related to those subjects and follow people whose profiles pop up in the results.

Another way to find the right content for yourselves is by clicking ‘settings’ on your profile and then tapping on ‘interests.’ Select the categories you want to see content about for instance: politics, climate, economics, fitness, and so on.

How to use Clubhouse to grow my blog and online business?

The strength of Clubhouse lies both in the communities that exist on the platform, and the feeling of intimacy of live conversation.

1.) Make broad connections

Clubhouse enables you to make connections with people you previously wouldn’t have had access to in an intimate way. It is great for accelerating relationship building.

So if you want to connect to potential customers, influencers, investors, mentors, or people in your field, there isn’t a better way to do it right now.

Because Clubhouse enables you to connect quickly on the platform, you are able to drive the conversations onto Instagram and Twitter through DMing.

But once you’ve been able to move the conversation off Clubhouse and into people’s DMs, the goal is not to be salesy, or pushy. The goal is to be helpful and provide value to others.

Host rooms on Clubhouse frequently and consistently on and topics related to your business. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Jillian Leslie, Host of The Blogger Genius Podcast

2.) Build an engaged community

Once you’ve started hosting rooms on Clubhouse on topics related to your business, people with the same interests will start following you and connecting with you.

Keep strengthening your community by engaging with fellow entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers in your field.

3.) Use Clubhouse to get feedback

You can also use the platform to get feedback on your new products or services from fellow entrepreneurs and clients alike.

Definitely encourage your community members to connect with you on Instagram DMs or elsewhere in case they wish to submit their feedback in writing.

Feedback is very important for the growth of any business, as it helps you identify and fix problems that exist in your business. Also, Clubhouse is a place where you can easily crowdsource new ideas.

Moreover, feedback also helps you form stronger relationships with your customers and alliances with your fellow entrepreneurs. 

4.) Keep yourself updated

Since Clubhouse is a community-based social platform, it is a great source for up-to-date knowledge, information, and the latest news in any field.

Clubhouse is a great way to stay up on industry trends and news in your industry.

It is a great place to understand the pulse of any industry. All you have to do is listen in on relevant chats and rooms.

5.) Announce developments on Clubhouse

Once you have established a strong community of followers, like-minded people, and potential partners on Clubhouse, you can use the platform to put out announcements about your business or company.

The announcements could be about a launch, a new product, or a new service you are offering. 

6.) Connect with investors on Clubhouse

Currently, Clubhouse users include the general public, experts, celebrities, and also investors. 

This provides an opportunity for small businesses and start-ups to find funding on the platform.

There are rooms lead by investors looking for companies to invest in. These are great rooms for you to join.

Watch how other people are pitching their companies to investors, then figure out the best way to present yourself and your company.

Right now, Clubhouse is a great platform for connection. Show up often, prepared, eager and polished, and you might be able to catch the attention of a willing investor. 

Bonus Clubhouse Tip:

The most important tip for utilizing Clubhouse successfully is to really listen.

The platform is filled with thought-leaders in every field. And there is a wealth of knowledge on the platform. Listen patiently and attentively.

Be a positive force in your industry and add real value to the conversation.

You are now ready to tackle Clubhouse. Go get started!

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