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Why the MiloTree App is the Best Tool to Get You More Instagram Followers Now!

Are you working hard, spending lots of time, trying to get more followers for your blog or business on Instagram? It’s definitely smart to grow account, so you can get your content seen by more and more people, but there is an easier way.

Check out the post below to learn how to up your Instagram game without the painful struggle.

Why the MiloTree App is the Best Tool to Get You More Instagram Followers Now! | MiloTree.com

What You Need to Succeed in Business Today

In order to build a successful online business today, you need, not just a website, but a strong presence on multiple social media platforms.

And right now, the hottest platform is Instagram.

Your customers and visitors demand you are on it. They want to be able to get a quick snapshot of what you do. They can see what images and videos you post in your Instagram feed, and your less curated and more “real” stories.

Plus, Instagram is the platform for your visitors and customers to reach you on. For many entrepreneurs, their Instagram DMs are as important (if not more important) than their email inboxes.

The goal is to be on platforms that your customers and visitors are already on. Meet them where they live, and right now, that’s Instagram.

Who’s Doing it Right

The companies that are winning are the ones that see their business as a hub with many spokes. Their website or online store is the hub, and their social media accounts, additional selling platforms (Etsy, Amazon, etc.) and email list are the spokes.

And this is why companies big and small are spending lots of time, money, and resources growing their gold standard social media account… Instagram.

But people also waste a lot of time and make a lot of Instagram mistakes.

The best way to get traction on Instagram — to get your content seen — is to have compelling content and followers. But not just any type of followers, not followers you purchase in Russia. You need engaged followers. If your account has engagement, the Instagram algorithm rewards you and your content gets seen by more and more people.

But how do you get more engaged Instagram followers without spending a ton of time and a ton of money?

Instagram can be tough, but not with the MiloTree Instagram pop-up.

How MiloTree Can Help You Grow Engaged Instagram Followers Effortlessly

MiloTree is a pop-up app you install on your site or blog. Install it with your simple WordPress plugin or one line of code.

The MiloTree pop-ups ask your website visitors to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or join your email list. You decide what platforms you want to grow and your MiloTree pop-ups do it effortlessly and automatically.

MiloTree works 24/7 on your site so you don’t have to.

The best part is that it grows those engaged followers that are the most important for your business.

Think about it this way: who better to engage with your content on Instagram than your own website visitors. These visitors have been to your site, seen your content, and liked it. And the reason they’ve clicked your MiloTree Instagram pop-up, is because they want to follow you to see more of what you do.

These are the people who will help you grow your business.

Why MiloTree Works!

So what makes MiloTree the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective solution out there?

MiloTre gives you the highest quality followers you can ask for, and works on autopilot. Set it and forget it.

Your Instagram pop-up show your most recent feed posts right on the pop-up, so people get a taste for your content see you’re serious about the platform.

You can install MiloTree on your site in under two minutes with your WordPress plugin or one line of code, and there’s no technical or design skills necessary.

You can also grow other social media platforms from your one MiloTree account. In addition to Instagram, you get pop-ups for Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and email. You can program the order and how frequently they show.

And for icing on the cake, the MiloTree pop-ups are:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Google-friendly
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lightening fast and won’t affect your site speed
  • Hands-on customer service to walk you through setting it up

Plus, you get your first 30 days free (we only want you to pay for it, if you love it) and it costs $9/month after that.

Success Stories with MiloTree

Here’s the story behind MiloTree.

We are Jillian and David Leslie, technologists, and husband-and-wife founders of MiloTree.

In 2014, we designed and built a smart pop-up for our original business, Catch My Party, to grow our social media followers, and it worked better than we could have expected, so we decided to launch it as a separate business called MiloTree.

With MiloTree, we’ve grown our Catch My Party Pinterest account to almost 2 million followers and our Instagram account to over 155k followers, which has translated into millions of pageviews per month, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. You can even see the apps I use to manage our Instagram account.

In 2016, we began offering MiloTree to other bloggers and online entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, and the response was immediate.

People loved how easy MiloTree was to set up, how many different platforms they could grow with it, and, most importantly, that it worked!

Currently, MiloTree helps tens of thousands of bloggers and online businesses grow their Instagram followers, as well as followers on other platforms.

Hear what some of our happy customers have to say…

MiloTree is a brilliant way to grow your audience on social media. It has definitely helped draw fans to my Instagram and Pinterest while integrating seamlessly with my site design!

– Courtney W.

MiloTree is an easy way to grow all of your social media platforms and email list. It is super simple to install and customizable to fit with my site. I love that the non-invasive popup can scroll through all my social media profiles. I gets thousands of clicks a week on my profiles! I highly recommend MiloTree if you want an aesthetically pleasing pop-up to help grow your social media following and email list.

Stephanie P.

“I’ve tried several of the leading pop up plugins out there and MiloTree is my favorite. It is easy to set up and I love being able to have more customizations. The service is excellent and they are always coming up with new ideas to help build your business.

— Alissiah H.

If you are ready to get some easy and real traction on Instagram, give the MiloTree Instagram pop-up a try and get your first 30 days free.

Click Here to Get Your First 30 Days of MiloTree FREE!

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