The Fastest Way to Get More Pinterest Followers

Here’s how to get followers on Pinterest fast


Even if it’s a small number at the start.

Did you know that when you pin something to your boards, Pinterest shows that pin to your followers first?

If your followers like it (by clicking, saving, enlarging, or commenting), this will signal to Pinterest that this is high-quality content and Pinterest will show that pin to a wider audience.

And this is how to get followers on Pinterest and drive traffic – by being exposed to more people!

Do you want a shortcut to getting more high-quality followers? It’s called MiloTree.

MiloTree is a pop-up you install on your site (with a simple WordPress plugin or one line of code). It pops up on your site, and asks your visitors to follow you on Pinterest.

(Demo it instantly right here)

Here’s an example of a MiloTree Pinterest pop-up:

If you want to see it in action, head to our sister site, Catch My Party.

It was for this site that we build MiloTree, and because our pop-up has worked so well, we’ve grown our Catch My Party Pinterest account to 1.2 million followers.

Because of MiloTree, Pinterest sends millions of pageviews to our site per month.

Want to know what other professional bloggers think about MiloTree?

“With the help of MiloTree, my Pinterest following has increased by over 2,000 followers in less than a month!!”  — Whitney C.

Less than 2 years ago I started my blog, Swaddles n’ Bottles. It has since grown to having 6.6 million pageviews. I know a HUGE reason this has happened is because my readers have followed me on Pinterest when visiting my site and seeing my MiloTree Pinterest pop-up. Milo Tree is just such a great tool! — Caroline S.

Why is MiloTree the best way to get followers on Pinterest?

Because your visitors make the highest-quality followers you can find! They already know and like your content. So if you can convert your visitor into followers, chances are, they will interact with your pins on Pinterest, and signal to Pinterest that your pins should be shown to larger and larger audiences.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, sign up for an account on MiloTree and get your first 30 days free! We only want you to pay for it if you love it! And it’s only $9/month after your free trial.

(MiloTree also offers pop-ups for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and your email list.)

Learn More About MiloTree. Click HERE!

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