How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers Faster!

This is Part II in my series on How To Grow Your Social Media Followers. You can read Part I on growing Instagram here: How to Grow your Instagram Followers Faster.

How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers Faster | MiloTree.com

This is Part II in my series on How To Grow Your Social Media Followers. You can read Part I on growing Instagram here: How to Grow your Instagram Followers Faster.

If you can get your Pinterest account growing, there’s no better way to drive traffic to your blog. At Catch My Party, we get millions of pageviews per month from Pinterest.

Here are my 10 quick tips on growing Pinterest! If you do these, I promise, you’ll see your followers grow!

Tip 1

Sign up for the MiloTree pop-up on your blog! The MiloTree pop-up connects directly to your Pinterest account and asks your blog visitors to follow you on Pinterest. It really works!

This has been our secret weapon, and has helped us grow our Catch My Party following to close to 750k followers. There’s a WordPress plugin, for easy installation, and if you have trouble, email me at jillian(at)milotree(dot)com.

Tip 2

Look at what pins are doing well in your niche, and study why you think they’re working. (Are the pins beautiful? Do the pins show multiple steps? Is the text easy to read? Are the pins solving a problem people have?) Then make portrait-style pins inspired by what you see. Make sure to add text overlays on top of your photos so people know exactly what they’ll be getting if they click.

I have three favorite tools for making images.

  • PicMonkey — great for collages
  • Canva – They have a new app for mobile
  • Snappa — I’m really liking this one and made the image for this post with it

Tip 3

Use keywords everywhere. Use them in:

  • Your profile description
  • Your board titles
  • Your board descriptions
  • Your pin descriptions

Think about what terms your audience is searching for, and use those exact words in all your descriptions.

Tip 4

Create 10 boards to start, and try pinning 10 pins in each one. Then each day, pin 10-20 pins. I recommend Confirm your Pinterest account so Pinterest knows your business is for real, and your account with get useful analytics. Also, enable Rich Pins on your site so your pins get more “juice” from Pinterest and your logo shows up on all your pins.

Tip 6

Follow a few power pinners every day to let Pinterest know you’re serious about the platform.

Tip 7

Every week, make a new boards and repin your best pins into them.

Tip 8

Use your analytics! Look at what’s performing best on your Pinterest account and make other content like it!

Tip 9

Add the “Save” button to your site so your blog visitors can easily pin from your site.

Tip 10

Be of service. Think about your Pinterest account as a way to help other people find what they’re looking for.

We pin:

  • 50% of our own Catch My Party content
  • 35% repins from awesome content on Pinterest
  • 15% from blogs and other sites we love

Our goal is to be the best party resource on Pinterest regardless of where the content comes from.


Be patient. A pin can take months to gain traction. It’s a very different platform from Instagram or Facebook, where the feedback is immediate. Pin beautiful, relevant content, make it easy for people to find it, and you will see results.

If you haven’t yet tried MiloTree, click this button. It’s easy to install with our WordPress plugin or a simple line of code.

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