Introducing the New Custom Link MiloTree Pop-Up!

Many of you have asked us to create a pop-up that you can add a custom link to. And we did! Introducing the new custom link MiloTree pop-up!

Now you can set up a Custom Link Pop-Up that can link to anywhere on the Internet!

What you can do with the new custom link MiloTree pop-up

  • Link it to a blog post
  • Link to sponsored content
  • Link to a landing page
  • Link to a sales page
  • Link to a product you are selling
  • Lint to an affiliate product
  • Link to someone else’s blog
  • Link to your Facebook group (we are coming out with a separate pop-up for this, but in the meantime…)
  • Link to your brand new TickTock account! (Yes, I did make one, but my daughter had me swear not to post to it.)

If you login to your MiloTree account, you will find the custom link icon in teal right here (see image).

Add your link, image, title, text, and a call to action. here’s what it looks like on desktop and mobile!

And here’s a quick video I put together showing how easy it is to configure your custom link MiloTree pop-up!

If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear it, and please reply with how you’re going to use our custom link pop-up. I’m sure there are many ways I haven’t even thought of yet!

We think this is a game-changer!

Imagine a world where growing your social media followers and email list was easy…

It can be with MiloTree!

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