#132: Advanced Email Marketing Strategies You Want to Know (Rebroadcast)

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies You Want to Know | The Blogger Genius Podcast

This episode, about advanced email marketing strategies you want to know, is one of the most popular Blogger Genius Podcast episodes of 2019, which is why I’m rebroadcasting it here.

My guest on the show is Matt Molen from Email Crush.

In this episode we talk about advanced email marketing strategies. 

We talk about why you want to use your own traffic to grow your email list, and why if you can offer something of real value, people will join.

And by the way, this offer can be something you’ve already created, just repackaged for email subscribers.

I continue to see the power of our email lists to sell products and services to our subscribers at both Catch My Party and MiloTree.

I think this podcast will inspire you to dig deeper into email marketing in your business.

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies You Want to Know | MiloTree.com

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  1. To be successful at email marketing, you must become an aggressive email acquirer.
  2. Set up a “forever series”—a 10-post email series around one evergreen topic. 
  3. Segment your list to build a loyal audience.
  4. Spend time writing attention-grabbing subject lines and editing your emails to be as short as possible. 
  5. Prune your list every 3-4 months.
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