Today on the podcast, we are talking about how to boost your online income in Q4 just in time to make extra holiday income.

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Welcome to The Blogger Genius Podcast brought to you by MiloTree. Here’s your host, Jillian Leslie.

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Hello, everyone. Welcome back to The Blogger Genius. Before I launch in, I again want to ask you to please head to my Facebook group, The MiloTree Mastermind group, and join it because I want you to join the conversation.

I really want it to be an extension of the podcast. I do recaps once a week and a Facebook Live. But I also want to create a community where we can all help each other build our businesses.

Okay, for today’s episode, we are talking all things making money in Q4. It is not too late. I have Paula Rollo, my friend and MiloTree community manager back on the show and we are sharing real tactics.

We made sure that we talk about quick wins that you can do to update your content so you can crush it. At the end of the year, make some extra money so that you can do some extra Christmas shopping.

I think you’re going to really like this. Also some tips for what to do in Q1 in January when everybody has all their new gadgets and they don’t know what to do with them. Okay, so without further ado, here is my episode with Paula Rollo.

Paula, welcome back to the show. We are talking about how to make money in Q4 during the holidays.

Paula Rollo 1:37
Yes, I am thrilled because this is such a fun and overwhelming time of the year for bloggers.

How to Boost Your Blog Income During the Holidays | The Blogger Genius Podcast

Jillian Leslie 1:43
Totally. And just know I’m still doing construction at my house, hence the backdrop, the beautiful backdrop. I’m recording this so that I have video not just audio. So if in fact, you’re listening to the audio, you can go over to YouTube and watch our pretty faces as we’re talking.

Paula Rollo 1:59

Jillian Leslie 1:59
Okay. Cool. So this is like an interesting time because it is a high-stress time.

Paula Rollo 2:03
It is.

Jillian Leslie 2:04
We are moms. We have a million things on our calendars. And everybody says this is the time to make money as a blogger. That can feel overwhelming. We’re going to do this for probably about half an hour. We’re going to share real tactics that you can put into practice today.

So I thought like, maybe you would start with one and then I would go to one and we can kind of go back and forth. What we want are wins, you know, things that will not take a ton of time, but you can put into place and start making affiliate revenue or if you sell a product, start selling your products and gifts and that kind of thing.

So let’s start with gift guides.

Paula Rollo 2:49
This is one of my favorite topics.

Jillian Leslie 2:51
And offline we were just talking about how the generic gift guide probably doesn’t work as well as it used to because everybody’s kind of figured that one out. So you were giving the example of like 10 gifts for foodies.

And it’s kind of like what I was saying is, chances are [Sur La Tab 03:09] owns that search, or William Sonoma, or Target. And you don’t want to be going up against that kind of juice because they’re putting money behind that search.

We are talking about other ways you could tackle it. So you had a great idea.

Paula Rollo 3:23
So many options. First of all, if you’re wanting to do a gift guide, yeah, don’t go broad. You want to really really niche. Instead of doing best gifts for three-year-olds, maybe do 10 experience-based gifts your toddler will love.

Or something really really unique, something really really narrow where somebody can go, “That’s exactly what I’m looking for.” The idea there being you’re not going to get as much traffic to the post.

And for gift guides, it’s really not about traffic. It’s about the intention of the person who’s arriving on that page.

Jillian Leslie 3:55
And we want them clicking on your affiliate link.

Paula Rollo 3:57
Exactly. So just having a generic thing. Sure, you had 100 ideas. None of those applied to me and my toddler. I’m going to go find the next list of 100 ideas and hope for the best. Versus, my toddler has 1 million toys, I don’t want to buy him toys this year.

I’m looking for an experience. I’m looking for something like a build a bear gift card. I’m looking for something like a zoo membership. I’m looking for something like a trip to the Children’s Museum. You can be affiliates of all of these sites through share sale and city pass or through affiliate window.

So thinking through those types of things, maybe you’re only going to get 400 people on that site, on that post this entire month but if all of those 400 people actually want what you’re selling, that’s way more valuable than getting 4000 people on a general gift guide.

Jillian Leslie 4:50
Right. That speaks to them but not really.

Paula Rollo 4:52
Not really. They just happen to have a three-year-old.

Jillian Leslie 4:54
So think about your blog content and where you have niche down, where it has been successful for you and built off of that.

Paula Rollo 5:01
Exactly. Exactly.

Jillian Leslie 5:03
So, give your example about Christmas.

Paula Rollo 5:08
So, I think always too beyond gifts. If you guys don’t know me, I’ve been blogging since I was 15. So, I’ve been around a while. I’ve been creating gift guides and doing quarter four. I’ve lost count of how many quarter fours I’ve done now as a professional blogger. Obviously, I wasn’t doing this professionally when I was a kid.

I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. I think right now what’s really really the most lucrative, at least on my site, is not a traditional gift guide but it’s still thinking through how to solve a problem for your reader in quarter four. That doesn’t always look like gifts for mom, gifts for your foodie, gifts for this, gifts for that.

By all means, create that content but thinking through some other problems that a person might have. Like I was just telling Jillian, some of the most popular affiliate posts on my site in quarter four are: How to announce your pregnancy at Christmas, at Thanksgiving, at Halloween.

I’ve covered every holiday, but it’s set up and structured exactly the same way that my gift guides are structured. And it’s all affiliate things. It’s cute shirts on Etsy. It’s super cheesy. If you’re one of those people who wears a cute shirt, I’m not judging you. I think they’re hysterical.

It was not a thing when I was pregnant. So I’m just like, I look at it and observe it and think it’s, you know, kind of entertaining to me now. But people buy that stuff. And it’s really, really unique. It does great on every social media platform, which I can’t say for most of my gift guides honestly.

But that’s one way that I’m kind of taking a problem that’s happening in quarter four. It’s seasonal, it’s on moment, but it’s not the same thing as even if I created a gift guide that was like, get an…

Jillian Leslie 6:52
For pregnant women.

Paula Rollo 6:54
Yup. Wouldn’t do the same thing as this how-to announce your pregnancy at Christmas. Thinking through food bloggers, similarly, instead of saying 15 gifts for a foodie, say 15 must-haves for hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year.

That could be a problem your readers are having. That could be a problem new moms are having. There’s a lot of different people that could fit in that specific little angle of hosting thanksgiving for the first time. You have road trip hacks.

There’s a lot of different problems people are going to have during the season. And I think everybody’s so focused on gift guides that there’s a lot of opportunities still out there to rank and to do something really creative in an affiliate post setting.

Jillian Leslie 7:38
And think about moms and think about how stress they are during this time. Think about how if you could serve up a solution to some problem they are having, they will thank you for it and then they will buy or they will click over to Amazon and you’ll end up with that cookie. So put your mom hat on and really think about that stress that they are experiencing.

Paula Rollo 8:04
Yes. And then there are two other types of affiliate posts that I think are worth mentioning. We talked about solving a problem. The other thing is if you know what’s on-trend this year, and I’m going to talk about old ones because honestly, I’ve done zero Christmas shopping at this year.

I don’t know what’s cool this year at all. But think through a few years ago. If you did, what is a Hatchimal? Instead of a roundup of Hatchimal for kids who have Hatchimals, the intent with that search with just simply Hatchimals or where to buy Hatchimals, things like that.

Target’s going to win. Amazon’s going to win. The intent is to buy so Google is never going to rank a blogger first for some of those things. But nobody’s answering the question, what is a Hatchimal? I’m a mom and I have no idea. My kids just keep talking about it. I don’t get it. Why are they $80? It makes no sense.

But you can answer that question. Provide a nice research about what they are. Maybe provide a free printable or something to get people to download to sign up for your list then you can send them more links. And then, also, of course, have your Amazon affiliate links, have your target affiliate links.

Affiliate link every single site that you can. You can buy them on Amazon here. You can buy them on target here. You can buy them here too. Make that happen with what is a Hatchimal.

A few years ago, an instant pot. I don’t know what an instant pot is five years ago. It was new. It was confusing. It’s food instantly done. Are we living in the future? Nobody knew. That would have been a great time to write what is an instant pot. And then, link to your instant pot.

Jillian Leslie 9:42
Also, one thing we were talking about is think about this, which is what are people going to be getting this year for Christmas. So let’s say we’re back five years and it’s an Insta pot. You want that post that says how do I use an Insta pot because you know on January 3rd, that person is going to pull that Insta pot out and have no idea how to use it.

Or tools to use with your Insta pot. So you put up together a roundup and you could be making this money on January 3rd. Do you care? No, but like how do I set up my peloton bike? Now, maybe you might have a peloton. I wish I did. But you know just what is that exercise equipment that people are buying for Christmas and nobody knows how to use?

Paula Rollo 10:20

And truly, you could go to peloton YouTube. Embed their YouTube, and then use your affiliate link. That’s totally fine to do because they’re getting YouTube views still.

Jillian Leslie 10:30
Or you could say what is the best water bottle, and what is the best towel, and what is all the different things that you could sell around a peloton because you know, again, beginning of January people are getting on their bikes.

Paula Rollo 10:46

Jillian Leslie 10:47
So be thinking. And that’s also great if you sell things like weight loss tips, or keto recipes or how to organize my house. What are people going to be doing in January, way at the beginning when everybody makes this new year’s resolutions? How can you sell them products to help them?

Or, recommend products. Things that you’ve used or maybe you even have created some sort of guide. Anything. Or if you’re thinking about creating products, instead of creating something for Christmas, think about doing it for January. And what people will be looking for in January?

Paula Rollo 11:31
For sure.

Jillian Leslie 11:34
Okay. So now I don’t even have time to let’s say, create a roundup or something like that. What can I do with my existing content to optimize it for right now?

Paula Rollo 11:45
Oh, so much. I actually I have several posts that are evergreen.

Jillian Leslie 11:53
I’ll link to them in the show notes.

Paula Rollo 11:55
Sure. I change them seasonally but they’re evergreen posts. Let me explain what I mean by this. I change them seasonally for Google and for social. One of them is a sentimental grandparent gift idea. This one’s gone viral a couple of times. It’s not performing as well anymore because I need to update it.

Jillian Leslie 12:17
Okay. So how are you going to update it?

Paula Rollo 12:20
At the top, it’s just grandparent gifts idea. I don’t remember the exact keywords I targeted for it, but it’s essentially a grandparent gifts idea. I have you know, SEO tops and whatnot. The image in it is evergreen right now.

Now that we’re entering quarter four, I’m going to swap that printable image for a best Christmas gift idea for grandparents pin image because people are… Is it ridiculous? Yes. But people on Pinterest are going to be more interested in a Christmas gift idea for grandparents than a gift idea for grandparents.

Jillian Leslie 12:52
Generic. Generic. Yup. Yup.

Paula Rollo 12:53
I changed out the image for Mother’s Day. I change it out for Grandparents Day. This is a really great post and I make affiliate money off of it so it’s worth that extra money. You can also go into Yoast and change your meta description to add Christmas or holiday or you know, whatever you’re trying to target.

You can update that Yoast title. I don’t want to mess with my H1 necessarily but I can mess with what is seen in Google searches by going into Yoast and doing it right there next to the meta description and then do the Yoast SEO title update and change it from either generic grandparent gifts or…

I may not have updated it since Mother’s Day this year but just change it from Mother’s Day to Christmas or holiday. Whatever holiday that you celebrate, put it in there. And now you have a brand new seasonal post and put it back on your website.

Jillian Leslie 13:42
I love that. So, update the date and repost.

Paula Rollo 13:46
Exactly. That’s one thing I do also with a lot of my gift guides if it’s not like ornaments or things like that. I do a lot of like game roundups for example. So let’s say like, best board games for two and three years olds can become best board game gift ideas for two and three-year-olds right now.

For Christmas gifts later in the year, it can have a birthday one because people are going to be searching that throughout the year for birthdays instead of for Christmas. You can change it back and forth.

If you don’t want to mess with your SEO on a post, you can still put in and out images for Pinterest and for Facebook and things like that to try to kind of capitalize on. That picture of kids playing a board game under a Christmas tree is what’s really going to sell this year versus the generic just kids playing board games on a table which sells during the birthday seasons, and months out of the year.

Jillian Leslie 14:37
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What I do recommend is you go to your top posts that are making you money. And the first thing you do is check all the links.

Paula Rollo 16:46

Jillian Leslie 16:47
And make sure they all work.

And they’re all going to where you want them to go. The next thing is I love this idea of creating pins, especially for the holidays because the other piece of advice I was going to give is update your pins.

Paula Rollo 16:49

Jillian Leslie 17:01
Because Pinterest, one thing we learned, is even if the post is five years old, if there is a new pin for that post, Pinterest will see that as new content. So it’s not like Pinterest goes, “This is a post that’s five years old.”

To Pinterest, it’s new. And you might add that image into your blog post, which I recommend, but even if you just want to upload it separately into Pinterest and link it to the post, do that. So make new pins for these evergreen posts that make you money.

Paula Rollo 17:34
Yes, hundred percent.

Jillian Leslie 17:36
It’s much easier than having to write a new post.

Paula Rollo 17:39
A new post. Yes, that’s exhausting. Don’t do that.

Jillian Leslie 17:42
And then, I don’t know if you know this, but in Pinterest, if you click on a pin, there’s a little shopping tag, like a price tag. And if you click it, then you can add your affiliate links, tag them within that photo.

Paula Rollo 18:02
Yes, that’s [unclear 18:04]. Very few sites that allow you to do it. A lot of my affiliates don’t anymore, which I’m still bitter about.

Jillian Leslie 18:14
Can you do Amazon? No? I don’t think you can do Amazon. But you can do ShopStyle, I think.

Paula Rollo 18:23
I think that’s one that allows it. You can do Etsy. I used to be able to. I would check again for this year honestly because there’s been a lot of them that in years past have been allowed, this year aren’t. Sometimes they change it up in the middle of quarter four.

If you’re really wanting to heavily focus on that pin strategy, I would just go ahead and go lookup for the individual links that you’re wanting to use because this is a podcast, it’s going to be out there for a while and it changes literally multiple times a year for some of these sites.

Jillian Leslie 18:52
But if there is a post, if there is a pin that does really well and let’s say it’s got some… Like a base, or you know something in it. Or it’s got some object that people would want to buy. You can go into that pin and tag that product, so that somebody can click through and see where you bought it and click to it on whatever site, not necessarily Amazon, and go buy that and you can get affiliate.

Paula Rollo 19:23
Yeah, it’s magical.

Jillian Leslie 19:25
It is. It’s magical. It is really because you’ve already pinned it you already done 80% of the work. So go grab that link. It works great with clothing.

Paula Rollo 19:34

Jillian Leslie 19:36
Where did you get that skirt? Here. Right here.

Paula Rollo 19:39
Even just your family photos. Put them on Pinterest.

Jillian Leslie 19:42
That’s great. That’s great.

Paula Rollo 19:44
Because people do want that. This time of year people are really searching for family photo inspiration, family photo outfit inspiration, those types of things. Even if you’re not a fashion blogger. The one cute outfit that you put together a year, put it out there. Put yourself on Pinterest.

Jillian Leslie 19:59
Yeah Absolutely. And again, people come to Pinterest to buy.

Paula Rollo 20:03

Jillian Leslie 20:04
So think about that. This is like, I think probably your most potent platform right now. If you’re not going to make blog posts, which you know, they take a lot of time.

Paula Rollo 20:17
They do.

Jillian Leslie 20:18
Think about making pins. For example, if there is a game that you love that you want to promote in a post or whatever, buy the game and take a photo of your family playing the game because that will get much more traction than putting up the stock photo of that game thinking you’re going to get any sort of affiliate income.

Paula Rollo 20:42
For sure.

Jillian Leslie 20:42
So take your main things that you love, and go buy them. Or if you have them, take photos of yourself with them or your kids with them. Use those photos. People want real life photos.

Paula Rollo 20:53
Exactly. That’s true.

Jillian Leslie 20:55
Okay. So you want to make sure you’ve updated all your holiday posts. You’ve checked all your links, you’ve added new images because you want to repost them. So add enough new SEO juice, put things into bullet points so that Google can read these posts really easily.

If you need to, you know, take some more photos or put some collages together. So it’s kind of like spiffing them up.

Paula Rollo 21:23
Right? Exactly.

Jillian Leslie 21:27
Let’s see. Here’s the other thing. Use every channel you can. This is another tip. Like Instagram. For example, you could put together a series where you say every day this week, I’m going to show you one of my favorite sensory products for kids.

So you you promote it. If you have swipe up, you put the affiliate link in there. If not, put the link in profile but do it as like a story. Do it as a series so that you engage people to show up tomorrow to see, “Oh my God, what’s Paula going to show up tomorrow?”

And so again, you can think about this. You can do it in email with drip campaigns where you say I’m going to get my holiday guide could be seven emails, which are my seven products I am most excited about to give to my kids this Christmas.

So think about using different avenues like email, like Instagram stories, or in your Instagram feed, but create excitement around those things so that people go, “Oh my God, what is she going to share? I need to see this.”

Okay. And then, one other thing is depending upon how much time you have, you can actually design products that you can sell. So you can use a site like Zazzle and create t-shirts. You can be selling other people’s t shirts.

Paula Rollo 23:00
Or yours.

Jillian Leslie 23:00
Or yours. So if you are a designer or even if you’re not a designer, you can buy some. Like, if you’re like kind of clever, you can buy some clip art and you can make mugs, or you could make pillowcases or anything like that very easily.

So think about that as an option. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating your own products. It might even push you to do it to create your Shopify store or your Etsy shop and see how you like it. Like this is a perfect time where people are wanting to buy.

Paula Rollo 23:33
Right, exactly.

Jillian Leslie 23:35
So that is just something that every year I think that. I go, “How do I create a product?” But I don’t. But I think it. “Oh my God, I so want to like create a t-shirt or do something like that.”

Paula Rollo 23:47
One year, it’s going to be your year.

Jillian Leslie 23:49
One year it’s going to be a year. So those are my tips. Do you have anything that we’ve missed?

Paula Rollo 23:54
I think one other thing just from my SEO obsession, I have to put the SEO side.

Jillian Leslie 23:58
Love it. Love it. Love it. Yeah.

Paula Rollo 23:59
So if you are going to create new content, I think Christmas is one of the times in quarter four in general, is one of the times when we just start willy nilly throwing things up on the internet and like hoping something will stick. Stop doing that.

I’ve been guilty of it for years and years and years. This is what I’ve done. We’re too busy for that. I know that this time of year, it feels like we need to do everything everybody else is doing but really try to be smart about your Christmas content.

Jillian Leslie 24:27
So that’s Google Search Console.

Paula Rollo 24:27
So if you’re going to go in and say, “I want to create a new post. I don’t have enough gift guides, things like that.” Go into Search Console, if you have it.

Google Search Console, hopefully you already have it set up. We could do a whole podcast on this sometime if you don’t already. I know a lot of bloggers though, like have it because somebody told them one time to set it up and they just don’t touch it because it’s scary.

But one just super, super easy thing you can do is go into your search console, when you’re looking at your performance. That’s one of the things in there. And I can just give you a screenshot of what this looks like. And we’ll put it in the show notes just so everybody’s sure.

I would search by query. Put in Christmas, put in holiday, put in Thanksgiving, whatever holiday you’re wanting to create new content for. Every time you appear in Google searches with the word Christmas.

And what that can do is sometimes show you opportunities that you didn’t necessarily know were there. Like I can see I’m ranking. I just pulled up mine really quick just to be able to give you some examples.

Right now, here’s my opportunity. Christmas planning, I’m on page two for that search term. That’s pretty amazing. I’ve only gotten 11 clicks lately, so I would never see this in Google Analytics as something that I should focus on because 11 clicks who really cares.

But if I’m on page two for Christmas planning, that’s substantial. Maybe I should go in and do something around that. Maybe I should create a new post about Christmas planning. Maybe I need to go do some kind of competitive research and see who’s on page one for Christmas planning and see what I can do there.

And so, I will scroll through all of these and just kind of see what’s missing. I have some Christmas letter series so I’m getting a lot of like Christmas letter to friends, Christmas letter writing, creative Christmas letters. I have posts about all that.

But there may be some opportunities I’m missing like I’m on position four for how to start a Christmas letter. I know I’ve never written a post about that. So clearly, there’s an opportunity there because if I’m position four and I know I haven’t written a post specifically about that topic, I can jump in and easily be number one if I target it.

So this is worth scrolling through because a lot of the time if there is an opportunity in Google, that nobody’s really really targeting, and you find yourself on page three or four with a post that really has nothing to do with that or you just put one sentence in there that had to do with creative Christmas letters or something like that, but you’re showing up in Google for it, you better believe if you write an amazing post about that content, specifically targeting that keyword that you’ll show up pretty high because Google’s telling you right in your search console, we don’t have a lot of content on this so we’re pulling your random post that has nothing to do with this.

Jillian Leslie 27:17
Right. And if you could get your post from page two to page one, and not just on page one, but up into one, two or three…

Paula Rollo 27:24

Jillian Leslie 27:25
It’s magic.

Paula Rollo 27:26
So it’s really important. Don’t just look at Google Analytics. Look in your search console to find those opportunities.

Jillian Leslie 27:32
I love that idea. I think that’s terrific. Terrific. Okay. So we want to wish you all a very successful Q4. A part of me still can’t even believe that we’re at this time of the year.

Paula Rollo 27:45
I know.

Jillian Leslie 27:46
But there is time. Meaning like, I would say you want to be working on this now, but do whatever you think is the lowest hanging fruit for you. And again, make sure your links to your affiliates work.

If there’s one thing that I say go do this, that would be it. And then the second thing I would say is just start making new pins. Those would be kind of my top two. What about your top two?

Paula Rollo 28:18
I think one of mine is something we haven’t mentioned yet because it’s so easy and straightforward but people need to do it, is if you work sponsored posts through networks, login to every network and make sure that all of your connections are there. And if they allow tagging, most networks do, update your tags.

Jillian Leslie 28:37
Explain what that means.

Paula Rollo 28:38
So most networks [unclear 28:41], TapInfluence, Clever. I can give you a whole list of them to link to but most of them make us connect our blog, our Google Analytics, our social. They don’t always do a super great job of telling us when it’s become disconnected. We’re disconnected a lot.

Jillian Leslie 29:00
And this is for sponsored opportunity, sponsored posts. This is brands wanting to work with bloggers. Brands go to these companies like [Isaiah 29:11], TapInfluence, that kind of thing and say we need to do a post. A lot of times it can be last minute.

Paula Rollo 29:17
It can be. It can be. And you can triple your rate if it’s last minute. Just be like, “Oh man, I’m really busy today. Do you want to x3 that?” And they will say yes.

Jillian Leslie 29:25
Because they need that content. But you’re totally right, what they are doing in terms of finding bloggers is they are looking at your blog and your social networks and seeing that. So you’re right about that because there have been times I’ve done the same thing and been like wait, “Wait, why our Pinterest is our biggest asset and it has been disconnected?” I’m like what? No wonder they haven’t been reaching out to me.

Paula Rollo 29:48
And so this is a great time of year. I do it several times a year but this is a great time of year. Go in. Double check all of them and double check your description. Is your description about you, about your readers, really compelling?

Make sure that you’re putting in there good things like who your readers are and not just like, “Oh, I’m a really cool person. You should work with me,” But my readers are this person. They like this content.

That way the brand can just look at it at a glance and be like, “Yep, that’s who we’re trying to sell our Instant Pot to hire.” Check all of that. It’ll take an hour out of your day but it could mean that you get some of those last minute campaigns. You could get several posts campaign throughout the next couple of months. Really really important. Do that today, right now.

Jillian Leslie 30:31
Okay, I love it. I love it. Do you have anything else?

All right. Well, I think we have given you guys hopefully a lot to think about and, a lot of quick wins.

Paula Rollo 30:56
Yes. That’s what I would say.

Jillian Leslie 30:59
All right, so we will be back with another episode. Paula. I love having you on.

Paula Rollo 31:04
I love being here. Thank you.

Jillian Leslie 31:06
Hopefully you got some good ideas of how you can up your monetization during the end of this year, both big ideas and small ideas. If you want to reach out to me and let me know what you’re planning, what your strategy is, I would love to hear from you.

Also, please join my facebook group, The MiloTree Mastermind group. I will follow you. I will check out your blog. I will chat with you. We could become BFFs. And I will see you again here next week.

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