If you need a free sales page created fast, try our free sales page creator. This is the easiest way to get a sales page up in a flash with no headache.

All you need is a free MiloTree Easy Payments account.

MiloTree Easy Payments is the simplest way to sell workshops, memberships, coaching, and other services.

After you create your account, create a product (money button link), then create your sales page in under 10 minutes using our easy-to-follow template.

We even host your sales page for free at MiloTree Easy Payments!

And there’s no limit to how many sales pages you can create!

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up your sales page using the MiloTree Easy Payments Sales Page Creator!

Here’s a sample of a completed sales page using our sales page creator. I created this sales page for a live event I hosted.

Here’s an example of what our easy templates look like, offered in 4 basic color schemes.

Here Are the Simple Steps to Creating YOUR Sales Page


Sign up for a free MiloTree Easy Payments account. We only make money when you. We charge a small transaction fee on sales, no monthly fee.

  • Create your a login
  • Set up your Stripe account (credit card processor)
  • Connect your email service provider to MiloTree Easy Payments


Click this button to add your product details to generate your “money button link.” You can share this link to sell memberships, workshops, coaching sessions, or any other services.


To create a free sales page, click on this button that says “Create a New Sales Page.”


Add your custom permalink here:


Pick a theme for your sales page:


Start filling out the text fields using our easy template:


Press “save” and you’ve got your sales page done to start selling immediately!

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Sale Page

TIP 1: Done is better than perfect!

The great thing about the MiloTree Easy Payments sales page creator is that you can edit your sales pages as often as you like.

You can easily test different messaging by creating multiple.

But the goal is to finish. Put it out there, even if you don’t think it’s perfect. Get feedback, then go back and make changes. Do this over and over again to dial in your message.

TIP 2: Focus on the problem you are solving for your audience!

Make your sales page all about your audience’s problem and why you have a great solution.

Talk about yourself only to build trust and show your expertise.

Focus your message on making other people’s lives better!

Share both the benefits and also what your customer “gets” by buying.

TIP 3: Move Faster Than You Want and Don’t Over Think It!

This will enable you to iterate faster, get more products up to test, and will help you build momentum.

Get used to being embarrassed. Don’t let that stop you! Just go!

If you want me to take a look at your sales page, just email me a link and I’d be happy to share my feedback!