How to Get Free, Real Instagram Followers Fast

Here’s how to get free real Instagram followers instantly! Be strategic, follow these quick steps, and watch your Instagram followers soar…

11 Quick Steps To Get Free Real Instagram Followers

  1. Pick a narrow theme for your account so all your Photos, Stories, and Lives are cohesive (examples: fashion, travel, desserts)
  2. Add an engaging, eye-catching profile image and a fun description (with emojis) to your account
  3. Add a URL that links to a place where people can learn more about you
  4. Make sure you have at least 15 good images posted before trying to grow your account
  5. Your daily posting schedule should include 3-4 images her day, 1 live video, 5 Instagram Stories (This is the goal, but the main thing is to be consistent!)
  6. Search Instagram for at least 30 strategic hashtags that relate to what you post about, with 50k-300k images per hashtag
  7. With each image you post, add these 30 hashtags to the bottom of the post
  8. Like other people’s photos that have the hashtags you’re interested in
  9. Find your top 10 competitors’ accounts with at least 50k followers each, and every day, start following their followers and engaging with their followers’ posts — these are your target followers
  10. Reply to all comments and messages on your page
  11. BONUS TIP: Add the smart MiloTree pop-up to your blog or site to grow your followers while you sleep! It grows your real Instagram followers fast and for free!

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While Instagram can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be if you stay consistent, continue to learn what your audience wants from you, and then give it to them!

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If you want to do a deeper dive into growing your account, check out our ultimate Instagram guide for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

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