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How We Made Over $450,000 Blogging!

How We Made Over $450,000 Using The Smart MiloTree Popup | MiloTree.com

A Little Backstory

In 2009, we launched our first company, Catch My Party, which we’ve since grown into the largest party ideas blog on the web.

In 2015, when we realized how important social media was to the growth of our traffic on Catch My Party, we designed and built a popup we named MiloTree, that popped up on our site, and asked our visitors to follow us on social media. It was amazing how well it worked!

By using our smart MiloTree popup on our site, we’ve grown the Catch My Party Pinterest following to over 743k and the Catch My Party Instagram following to over 125k followers.

How We Made Over $450,000 Using The Smart MiloTree Popup!How We Made Over $450,000 Using The Smart MiloTree Popup!

How we Made over $450,000 Using the Smart MiloTree Popup

These additional followers have translated into millions of pageviews per month, plus the authority we need so brands reach out to work with us.

This has lead to us making over $450,000 in additional income, just from using the MiloTree popup!

How MiloTree Can Help YOUR Blog

With the MiloTree popup, you can grow your followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and your email subscribers, and all from your one smart pop-up! 

Set it up how you like and it will rotate with each visitor so you can grow multiple platforms at once.

So if you want to grow your followers, page views, authority, email subscribers, and sales, MiloTree is the perfect way to to do it!

The Launch of The Smart MiloTree Popup

In 2016, we began offering MiloTree to other bloggers and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. The response was immediate!

Entrepreneurs and bloggers loved how easy MiloTree was to set up, how many platforms they could grow with it, that it was Google-friendly on mobile, and, most importantly, that it worked!

MiloTree is named after our favorite tree in Hawaii.

Here’s what the popup looks like on mobile. Notice the size. It’s Google-friendly on mobile and won’t upset the Google gods. 🙂

How We Made Over $450,000 Using The Smart MiloTree Popup!

Here’s what the popup looks like on desktop. It’s eye-catching but not obtrusive for your visitors

How We Made Over $450,000 Using The Smart MiloTree Popup!

Program it just how you like.

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