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Get More Free YouTube Subscribers | MiloTree.comThe secret to getting more YouTube subscribers for free is to understand what metrics really matter to YouTube. And this is the way to grow your YouTube following.

Get More Free YouTube Subscribers |

People throw around YouTube video “views” like they’re going out of style, but do you know that’s not what YouTube cares about? That is not the way to get more YouTube followers for free.

The metrics that MATTER on YouTube (and will get you free YouTube subscribers) are watch time and session time.

If you nail these two metrics, your videos will show up more often in YouTube search and in the YouTube algorithm, and you’ll be able to get free YouTube subscribers fast and easy!


This is the amount of time people spend watching each of your videos. The longer the watch time, the better you do.

If YouTube sees people staying to watch your videos, they assume the content is good and they promote it!


This is how long someone stays on YouTube because of your videos. So if people watch more than one of your videos, you’ve just made YouTube very happy and you will get more YouTube followers for free!

Session time takes into consideration how your video contributes to a user’s overall experience on the platform.

5 strategies for improving watch time and session time on YouTube:

1. ) Make compelling videos

It’s your first 10 seconds that matter most to hook your viewer. Start off with a bang and keep going!

Look at your audience metrics to see when people are dropping off on your videos and use that data to improve your next video.

 2.) Schedule your videos

Put out your videos on a set schedule so people can count on your content. If you can get people to come to YouTube to see your most recent video, and they stay, you will get more follower on YouTube!

3.) Make longer videos

Create videos that are at least 10 minutes long because YouTube rewards longer videos.

4.) Make playlists

Playlists help people easily find more of your videos, so be intentional when you create these. Give them unique titles and thumbnails. Give people a reason to watch more of your content!

5.) Ask people to subscribe in every video

Seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this.

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