Best Pinterest Pop-Up For WordPress Users

What makes MiloTree the best Pinterest pop-up for WordPress users? I’ve got 10 reasons: It’s lightening fast and won’t slow your site down! It loads asynchronously for amazing performance. It’s FREE! There’s an easy-to-install WordPress plugin so you don’t need to add code to your site. It has helped us grow our Catch My Party Pinterest account to close to[…]

The Best WordPress Pop-Up to Grow Your Email List

  Your business is not one-sided. It’s not just about growing your email list OR your social media followers. It’s both. And that’s why MiloTree is the best WordPress pop-up to grow your email list, because you can also grow your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest followers with it, too. And it also works on non-WordPress sites like: Shopify, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly,[…]

Why Growing Your Email List Is Important to Your Business

You’ve heard people talk about growing their email lists, but is it really that important? I have to say YES and I’ll explain why below… But first, if you haven’t signed up for your free MiloTree pop-up to grow your email list (plus Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook followers), definitely do it now. You’ll love how effective it[…]

Grow Your ActiveCampaign Email List with the MiloTree Pop-Up

We’ve now integrated ActiveCampaign with MiloTree, so you can grow your ActiveCampaign email list with the MiloTree pop-up. If you use ActiveCampaigns, connect your MiloTree pop-up to your ActiveCampaign account and let MiloTree grow your list for you! The best part of MiloTree is that you can grow your email list with it PLUS your social media followers! MiloTree is a[…]

Grow your ConvertKit Email List with the MiloTree Pop-Up

You can now grow your ConvertKit email list with the MiloTree pop-up! If you use ConvertKit to send emails, using the free MiloTree pop-up to grow your email list plus your social media followers has never been easier! MiloTree is a smart pop-up you embed on your site using our easy WordPress plugin, or by adding a snippet of[…]

The MiloTree Pop-up is Google Mobile-Friendly Compliant

We’ve just launched the redesigned MiloTree pop-up that can grow your email list, plus your Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Facebook followers. But the best part is that the MiloTree pop-up is Google mobile-friendly compliant! What does that mean? Google announced in August they were going to penalize mobile sites that used intrusive pop-ups or interstitials. We’ve optimized MiloTree to be Google mobile-friendly and fit within the Google pop-up[…]

Google and Mobile Pop-Ups: What You Need to Know

What’s going on with Google and mobile pop-ups? Google came out with news in late August, that starting in January of 2017, it would begin punishing mobile sites that use big, obtrusive pop-ups and interstitials. Why is Google doing this? Because big, obtrusive pop-ups and interstitials on mobile annoy users. And Google wants to make sure that the[…]

Grow Your Email List Faster With MiloTree

We know you care a lot about your visitors’ experience on your site. And we also know you care about being able to reach your visitors via social and email after they leave. So good news! You now you can grow both your social followers faster, and grow your email list faster, with your one MiloTree pop-up. Say goodbye[…]

How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers Faster!

This is Part II in my series on How To Grow Your Social Media Followers. You can read Part I on growing Instagram here: How to Grow your Instagram Followers Faster. If you can get your Pinterest account growing, there’s no better way to drive traffic to your blog. At Catch My Party, we get millions of pageviews per month[…]