1.) Can you explain the three plans?

Awesome Plan – $9 per month, or $99 per year (save $9)

  • One pop-up to grow your email subscribers and your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest followers
  • Grow as many services as you like from one pop-up
  • Install with our easy WordPress plugin. Work on all major platforms.
  • Integrates with most popular email service providers
  • Google-compliant on mobile. We automatically show the rightsize pop-up to your visitors depending what device they come from.
  • Social media pop-ups are personalized with your Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook info
  • You control how often you want it to pop-up (frequency controls)
  • You can turn it off on certain pages of your site or only show it on certain pages of your site
  • Customized colors and text on pop-up
  • You can turn off MiloTree branding
  • Optional pop-up delay until someone scrolls
  • Built-in analytics for tracking growth
  • Flexible pop-up location
  • Premium support

Agency Plan – $40 per month, or $420 per year (save $60)

  • All the features of our Awesome Plan
  • Ability to manage 5 accounts in one dashboard

Enterprise – Contact us

  • All the features of our Awesome Plan
  • Ability to manage unlimited accounts in one dashboard


2.) How do I install the pop-up?

If your hosting platform isn’t listed, contact us and we’ll add it. We don’t currently support Wix, but are working on it.


3.) Does the pop-up load asynchronously  (async/defer)?

YES! We use the pop-up on our first site (, and page load performance is very important to us. The pop-up script loads asynchronously, is embedded at the end of the page, and uses Amazon’s CDN to load quickly.


4.) The demo only shows the Pinterest pop-up. How do the other pop-ups work?

You create your pop-up exactly how you like. Whatever service you put in the first position in your pop-up builder will show to all your visitors on their first visit to your site. Then your pop-up will go to sleep for the number of days you set as your “frequency.”

Then when a visitor returns to your site for a second visit, they will see the pop-up you put in the second position in your pop-up builder. When that visitor returns for a third time, they’ll see the third pop-up you configured.

You can use the up and down arrow keys on the left side of your pop-up builder to adjust your pop-ups.

You can also connect your email service provider to your account to grow your email list. MiloTree integrates with most popular email service providers.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you set your pop-up frequency to every seven days. If a visitor comes to your site on Day 1, she will see the pop-up you put in position 1. If she returns 7 days later, she will see the pop-up in position 2, and if she returns at least 7 days later, she will see the third pop-up.


5.) If I make changes to my pop-up, do I need to reinstall it?

You only need to install the pop-up once. All your changes are saved on our side, but it might take up to 2 hours to see the changes live on your site.


6.) What does “frequency” mean?

This is how often your pop-up shows to each visitor to your site.

The default frequency is 7 days but you can set it to pop as often as you’d like.

Here’s how it works: Your pop-up will automatically show the first time anyone visits your site. If you want it to show up for that visitor every day, enter “1” in the “frequency” box on your configuration page. If you want it to show up for that visitor every other day, click “2.”

Because we don’t want our Catch My Party pop-up to be too intrusive, ours is set to pop up for each visitor every 5 days.


7.) What if I don’t know how to install code on my site or shop?

If your site is built on WordPress, try using our easy WordPress plugin. Here are WordPress install instructions.

If your site is built on another platform, we also have detailed instructions above. If you have trouble and you have a paid plan, please email and we’ll help set you up.


8.) Should I turn my pop-up off on mobile?

NO!!!!! MiloTree is Google-compliant on mobile! Yep, you heard it here first. We automatically show a smaller, Google-friendly pop-up to your visitors on mobile, and a larger pop-up on desktop. We baked this technology right into MiloTree so you don’t have to think about it!

Given that the majority of your audience is probably coming to your site on their phones or tablets, please don’t turn pop-ups off on mobile! That audience is super valuable to you! Just make sure you’re using MiloTree!


9.) What platforms does the pop-up work on?

The pop-up code works with on all major platforms, but it will not work any social media account pages or Etsy shops. It only works on a site you own. If you have a question about your platform, please email


10.) Why can’t I download the WordPress zip file using Safari?

Safari will auto-unzip the WordPress plugin when you download it but it needs to be a zip file to upload to WordPress. To prevent Safari from auto-unzipping, press “option” when you click the download button. You can also right-click the button, and choose “Download Linked File.”


11.) Why is my Facebook pop-up blank when I connect my Facebook account?

Your age restrictions or country restrictions settings on your FB page are not set to show your page to everyone. This means your Facebook account is hidden to users who are not logged into Facebook. It can also keep Google from seeing your page.

To fix this, go to your page settings on FB, under the “General” tab. Click on the age restrictions field and make sure it says page is shown to everyone. Do the same for the country restrictions tab. Now your Facebook pop-up should work.


13.) Do you have an affiliate program?

We sure do! We pay $20 per conversion when that customer stays with MiloTree for at least 60 days. We use a site called Refersion to manage it. You can sign up here.

You can even add your affiliate link to your own MiloTree pop-up as a way to make sales automatically from your pop-up. You can learn how to add your affiliate link to your pop-up here.


13.) I’m using AdThrive or PadSquad, why is my pop-up not showing up on mobile?

You need to enable the plugin in the AdThrive mobile theme and on PadSquad.

  • For AdThrive, please ask them to enable it for you, or we’d be happy to help walk you through it yourself.
  • For PadSquad, please ask them to enable it for you because it is a closed system and we can’t get into it.


14.) How do I cancel?

We’re sorry to see you go!

To cancel your subscription, login to your MiloTree account, click on the “Edit Account Settings” button, then click the “Cancel Subscription” link.


15.) Will MiloTree work on SSL (https) secured sites?

Yes, the widget uses SSL and will work on all SSL secured sites.


15.) How do I connect my MiloTree pop-up to my email provider (newsletter)?

After you sign up for a MiloTree account, click Connect Email Newsletter then follow the instructions for your provider.


16.) What makes MiloTree special?

Why MiloTree is the best social media popup plugin to grow your Pinterest followers

Why MiloTree is the best social media popup plugin to grow your Instagram followers

Why MiloTree is the best social media popup plugin to grow your YouTube channel


17.) What if I still have questions?

Please email me at

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