#067: 6 Easy Hacks To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

As bloggers, our number one need is traffic. We all know it, and yet sometimes, we try to talk ourselves out of it.

We think we can grow our blogs and our businesses and not worry about traffic.

And that’s not true. If you want to increase your blog income, you have to increase your traffic first.


Here are 6 easy hacks to get more traffic to your blog

Today, I’ve got my friend, and MiloTree Community Manager, Paula Rollo, back on the show, and we are talking about increasing your blog traffic.

SEO, Pinterest, email marketing, and MiloTree are all great ways to grow your traffic.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While social media can still provide traffic, the game has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.

When the social media platforms first started, there were many hacks and tricks you could use to gain lots of traffic.

Today, those platforms have tightened up so much, you have to truly provide good content to gain that traffic.

Google doesn’t run on keywords alone anymore either.

Today, Google actually reads your content and serves up only the best content to its audience, not just the most keyword-heavy posts.

Easy strategies to get your content found

So, if social media isn’t the way to get your blog in front of new readers, what are the best ways to do that now?

There are several strategies you can use to get more eyes on your content:

  • Answer actual questions that people are asking
    • You want to be the authoritative voice in your niche
  • Master your niche
    • In order to be an authority, you have to figure out what it is about your content that your audience is connecting with
  • Look at your analytics
    • See which posts get the most engagement

After you’ve done this:

  • Build up your content
    • Create blog posts on this topic and related topics
  • Link your posts internally on your blog
    • Google will see those links and serve up that content when someone has a question about your expertise.
  • Create a page on your site where you have all your posts organized in a useful way
  • Create long-form content
    • Google likes longer content so aim for 1,500 3,000 words per post

Know who your perfect audience is

MiloTree’s perfect audience is people who already have traffic and want to convert that traffic.

That’s who I want to go after because I can actually help them.

I am very intentional in my blog posts and podcast episodes so that my target audience knows it is for them and is going to help them.

You want to strategically go after the audience that will benefit from you. If you know your audience, then you will know the things they will be interested in.

You do not want to go after every audience possible. You want to go after a specific person you know is interested in your topic.

Growing your traffic through Pinterest

To grow your traffic through Pinterest –

  • Search Pinterest for popular pins and create content that is similar or on similar topics
  • Use keywords in your title, your board descriptions, your pin descriptions, and on your pins
  • Use relevant hashtags — 2-3 per pin description

Just being active on Pinterest is not enough anymore. You have to be intentional.

Why you need to be intentional and focused in your business

If you think you cannot be creative in your niche, then you can experiment outside that, but I would suggest you find new ways to be creative inside it.

While you do have the ability to do what you want, you have to be consistent if you expect to grow your business.

You certainly don’t have the same level of freedom that bloggers had several years ago.

If you are an influencer as a business, you do not have the freedom to just do what you want.

You can always start a little side project to play with, but you should not let it affect your business.

The audience I am looking to help is business people. Even if they have no experience with making money on a blog, that is their first and foremost desire.

If you have a creative idea, and you don’t care about making money with it, go for it. But do not sink your business to follow a creative idea that will not make you money.

It isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you have to sit down and look at the numbers, you have to think about the business side of it.

6 Easy Hacks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog | MiloTree.com

How to get traffic from newsletters

I know a food blogger who sends out three recipes a week to her email list. Her RSS feed is what drives the majority of her traffic because she has a very loyal audience.

At the end of the day, you’re paying for your email service. Email services aren’t cheap, so you have to balance what you’re making on ads versus what you’re spending to send them.

You need to make sure you can make money from those emails and not just get traffic.

If you’re planning on selling a product, then your email list is essential.

Your subscribers are your biggest opportunity for making money through selling.

On MiloTree, I put together a post about growing your Instagram followers. I give this valuable information away to people who are willing to give me their email address. 

What Type of Business Owner is MiloTree Right For?

Now that I’m getting more intentional with my own blog and business, I’m not just going to be going after people who just want to grow their Instagram followers, but people who already think of themselves as a business –people who can see that MiloTree is a great way to help them grow their business.

Are you in the middle stages of growing your blog? Have you got some traffic but you know you need more? Let MiloTree help you get to that next level. Sign up today!

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  • 29:34 Being Intentional and Focused
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