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By Jillian Leslie | Blogger Genius Podcast

Jan 09

 The Blogger Genius Podcast | MiloTree.com


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Transcript – Welcome to the Blogger Genius Podcast With Jillian Leslie

Hey, welcome to the Blogger Genius Podcast. I’m your host Jillian Leslie. I’m also the founder of MiloTree with my husband, David. For those of you who don’t know, MiloTree is a smart popup you add to your blog or your site, and it pops up and asks your visitors to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or join your email list.

And it’s smart because you configure it how you like, and it can grow multiple platforms at once.

OK to give you a little backstory. My husband and I started our first online company called Catch My Party in 2009. So yes, we have been at this a long time.

Since 2009, we’ve grown Catch My Party into the largest party idea site on the web, and I have been busy blogging ever since.

One of the ways we grew our site was to grow our social media followers, and we did this by building our popup for ourselves.

And it was only when it works so well did we launch it as a separate company. And we named it MiloTree after our favorite tree in Hawaii.

So what is this podcast all about?

Well, I created it because I think blogging is such a powerful way to build a business. But I also think blogging can be a little lonely. A lot of times you’re trying stuff because someone told you to, and you don’t know if it’s going to work. And I think there’s an element of flying blind when you’re a blogger.

So with this podcast, I wanted to interview other bloggers who have had success, and I want to ask them how they got started, and their strategies, even their failures.

So this is a podcast where I want to learn the truth about people’s businesses. I want to know how they monetize, what their income streams are, what social platforms are most important to them, what products they sell. Because no blog is the same as any other.And I also want to ask these bloggers how they balance everything in their lives. How many hours a week do they work.

My goal is to give you real takeaways that you can apply to your own business, and I want to give you inspiration and insights. But I really want to give you ideas and a-ha moments that you can incorporate.

And also I want this to be real. There are too many people telling you that they went from zero to seven figures in seven months, and I have to say don’t believe them, because one thing I’ve learned in my journey as a blogger and entrepreneur is there are no magic bullets but…

There are smart people finding smart ways to build businesses. And that’s what I want to share.

I think of this podcast as a co-creation between you and me. So if there are things you’d like me to ask my guests. or ideas you have for episodes please reach out. I read every email and respond. I’m jillian@milotree.com and please subscribe to this podcast. I promise you will learn something new and important in every episode. I look forward to taking this journey with you!


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