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How to Grow Your Etsy Sales with the MiloTree Pop-Up

Are you looking to get more Etsy sales? 

Do you need a quick way to get your blog visitors over to your Etsy shop?

Have you been searching for a way to get people who are interested in your Etsy shop to follow you on social media? 

How to Grow Your Etsy Sales with the MiloTree Pop-Up

If any (or all!) of these scenarios sound like YOU, then I’m excited to show you how to grow your Etsy sales with the MiloTree pop-up for your blog!

How to Grow Your Etsy Sales with the MiloTree Pop-Up

Install MiloTree on your blog or website (NOTE: it must be on a site you can install a WordPress plugin to or add a line of code).

Then when someone visits your site, your MiloTree pop-up pops up with a “Shop Now!” button and is populated with your 8 latest products.

If your visitor clicks, they are sent directly from your blog to your Etsy shop. Woosh!

Or you can configure your MiloTree pop-up to ask your blog visitors to follow you on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or YouTube) or join your email list! 

Two Things You Need to Grow your Etsy Sales with the MiloTree Pop-Up:

  1. An Etsy shop
  2. A blog you can add code to

That’s it. And it will work 24/7 driving traffic from your blog to your Etsy shop!


Blog Using the Etsy MiloTree Pop-up


Etsy Shop But No Blog??

If you have an Etsy shop and no blog, we highly recommend you start one.

It’s a little space on the Internet you own outright. You’re in control and no one can shut it down. Plus, you can link to your Etsy shop directly to it.

This will also save you time in the long run  if you ever want to try Shopify, or manage your own store.

Your followers will already be interested in seeing your products on your own website, so they’ll be excited to hear from you no matter where your products live.

TIP: If you haven’t set up a blog yet, we recommend starting one with a managed WordPress hosted website on SiteGround.

It takes a matter of minutes to set up a blog and will go a long way to helping you build credibility as a shop owner. 

Etsy Shop + Blog

Now, for those of you with your own blog in addition to your Etsy shop, check out how easy it is to set up MiloTree.

We’ve timed it, and it literally takes around TWO minutes to set up on your site.

Plus, when you sign up, you get your first 30 days free, so you can see for yourself what a huge impact MiloTree can have on your shop! 

How to Setup MiloTree on Your Blog

How to Set Up the Etsy MiloTree Pop-up

  • In the “Shop Name” field, type in your Etsy shop name
  • Customize pop-up colors to match your site
  • Press “Done” 
  • To get your first 30-day free trial, add your credit card info (your card will not be charged for 30 days)
  • Install your MiloTree pop-up onto your blog with your WordPress plugin (that you download directly from your MiloTree dashboard) or a simple line of code (that you find on your MiloTree dashboard as well).

Now your MiloTree pop-up will pop up when someone comes to your blog and it will ask them to shop your store. Simple!

The best part of MiloTree is that all the pop-ups offered (Etsy, Shopify, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and email) are included in your one $9/month account and YOU set how often you want your pop-ups to appear on your site. 

MiloTree is a SMART popup, so it can show your Etsy shop the first time a guest visits, Instagram the next time, and Pinterest after that. 

You configure the order the pop-ups show up to your visitors and when! 

MiloTree has other features so you can feel confident about putting it on your site. 

Check out what makes MiloTree special:

  • It’s built for speed and won’t slow your site down
  • It’s Google-friendly on mobile
  • GDPR compliant
  • Customizable
  • You can add as many pop-ups as you like
  • Set up in under 2 minutes

Are you ready to get started? Click the link below to get your first 30 days absolutely FREE! 

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